Service branches

Service branches

Range of Activities

Fertilizer Trade

As a result of our warehousing capacities we can continuously maintain a high preparedness level regarding stocks, and from our ever upgraded, renewing stocks fertilizer can be delivered at the required time, even the after the order was placed. There are both input material retailers and farmers among our partners, for whom always high quality PhosAgro fertilizers are delivered at the requested time and date.


Fertilizer warehousing, packaging

The warehousing of our products is performed with rigorous control and according to the rules and regulations of a rigid quality assurance system, ensuring that the quality features warranted by the producer do not change at all between packaging and delivery. Besides the entry into store, storage life and shipping conditions we also pay attention to the quality of the packaging material (bag). All these ensure that customers get exactly what they have ordered.


Producing Unique (bulk blend) Fertilizers

Unique products are made with the so-called bulk blending technology by using PhosAgro fertilizers. In order to adjust to the specific features of the Hungarian production areas we produce special high-quality blends in accordance with the customers’ demands. In this process individual requests are also managed, but if needed, we are also ready to serve our interested clients with professional consultancy.


Professional Consultancy

For each and every product of ours we are at the service of our clients with diverse and confident professional consultancy, let it be about either standard or bulk blend fertilizers. We offer products that have really excellent performance regarding their active agent content, solubility and other features alike, and for this we also ensure the necessary know-how. Within the frameworks of our consultancy services the arable land and the crops in question will also be taken into consideration to the greatest possible extent.



We ensure that the delivery of our products is predictable, quick, accurate and, what matters most, is also flexible, by taking into account the needs and requirements arising on the client side. Instead of relying on a subcontractor system involving many potential risk factors and uncertainties, we rather decided on sorting out delivery related tasks in-house, thus we have an overall picture of the complete process, and this is how the products will reach the customers. In this respect the vicinity of the River Danube is a great advantage, but besides the river connection we also have two railway sidings, a motorway connection and a fleet of 18 trucks as well.


Cultivation Services

We provide products, warehousing capacities and delivery services for all our clients, who decide on using the Nitrosol liquid fertilizer, but do not have the necessary equipment required for the usage thereof. Liquid fertilizers, which as a consequence of climate change and hectic precipitation patterns have an ever-increasing value, are stored by us if required so, and by using tractor sprayers we apply the fertilizers at the production areas designated by our partners based on a contract work agreement.